Anti-Static Film

Product Structure

Product Introduction

The anti-static film is to add anti-static agent to PET film. Make film surface form a thin layer of a conductive layer, also forming a continuous phase to improve the surface conductivity properties. So that the charge will leak as soon as possible. Can avoid accumulate static electricity to generate spark discharge to destroy variety of sensitive components, instrumentation, chemical products. The anti-static film having a stable anti-static value of up to 107 ~ 109. To ensure the quality of products, all raw materials are from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. According to customer needs, we provide different thickness, width and length.

Product Advantage

  • eliminate charged ions, to prevent electrostatic damage precision electronic products, generate sparks dangerous dust pollution.
  • antistatic value stable.
  • the diaphragm flat, clean and high.
  • shiny surface.
  • migrating adhesions.
  • provide customized production.
  • accept OEM order.
  • Cover Tape

    Cover Tape

    Anti Static Application

Thickness (u) 12, 19, 23, 36, 38, 50, 75, 80, 100
Width (㎜) 100~1580
Length (m) 100~3000
Anti-Static 107~109
Appearance transparent