Release Paper

Product Structure

Product Introduction

The traditional release paper adopted PE coated paper, majorly in glassine. Because the higher roughness of paper surface, could easily lead to a coarse plastic surface. And PE release paper can not be recycled. Because synthetic release paper coating surface roughness under 1 μ, so let the surface is flat and have illuminated effect to enhance the product texture quality. It's suitable for the high quality stickers backing paper, cleaning tape. It's plastic material, so will have good waterproof, good durability and not easy to broken by tear. The strength is more stronger than traditional release paper. And we slit all kinds of specifications according to customer demand.

Product Advantage

  • stable release.
  • excellent residual adhesion.
  • membrane surface is bright and smooth, uniform coating.
  • products are not used as the resurgence Control, good flattened and good recovery.
  • price will not be more expensive than the traditional release paper.
  • according to customer demand, adjust the the Slitting specifications (roll).
  • not use recycled material.
  • accept OEM order.
  • Facial Mask

    Facial Mask

    Release Paper Application

  • Clean Tape

    Clean Tape

    Release Paper Application

PP Synthetic Paper Spec
Thickness (u) 72, 108
Width (㎜) 1000~1300
Length (m) 2000~6000
Release Force (g/1") 16g
Appearance white